Asian Curatorial Forum 2019, New Delhi, India
Venue : School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
7th–9th November

Prameya Art Foundation is pleased to announce and present the second edition of the Asian Curatorial Forum in association with the National Culture & Arts Foundation (NCAF),Taiwan. The Asian Curatorial Forum is a travelling conference that aims to carry discourse on curatorial practices in Asia to a different city each time. The first edition initiated by NCAF took place in Dhaka in 2017 in association with Britto Arts Trust and the Bengal Foundation. With the second edition of ACF, Prameya Art Foundation is continuing its efforts in arts education and discourse building in its context.

The original impetus behind Asian Curatorial Forum was the need for an initiative to increase dialogue within Asia through sharing of experiences and knowledge regarding curatorial methodologies when such efforts are few. The Asia continent covers huge diversity with different regions, all of which are redefining the context of modernity, as they have all undergone unique transitions in their social and economic conditions. These kinds of shifts within the society also evoke the need for alternative approaches to the study of art, curatorial frameworks and programming within local institutions, as compared to the West, especially in the absence of sustained support from the State in several parts of Asia. Furthermore, curators and art historians are often key interlocutors who interpret and contextualize their local art contexts for global understanding, and the mantle falls on them to device nuanced narratives and methodologies towards these ends. Often, this involves writing histories of art, and curatorial propositions that reframe inherited modes of thinking about the art of a particular region. The organizing of such a platform for curators who work in this region, is also an attempt to create a meeting place for professionals from different Asian cities, to come and exchange their conceptual directions, methodologies, and sophistic methods that help engage with their local reality and the social conditions; various approaches to participation, pedagogy and programming, even beyond exhibition making.

The ACF 2019 was divided into three sessions which took place over three days:

1. Transnational Curatorial Approaches | 7th Nov 2019: What is the currency of transnational flows of discourse on Asian contemporary visual culture, and what are possible dialogues that can be initiated? This session explored ways by which curators have been able to initiate locally rooted cultural discourse when showing Asian art globally.

Asian Curatorial Forum 2019, November 7 - SESSION 1

Asian Curatorial Forum 2019, November 7 - SESSION 2

2. Building Trans-Asian Platforms of Art | 8th Nov 2019: How can institutions, including non-profit spaces, foundations, and public art museums, work together within Asia? What’s the most urgent need in these times, and what kind of energetic role should these institutions engage with? The discussion depicted a possible future for cooperation among art institutions across Asia and identify systems of funding, supporting, integrating and assisting the ecological system at the local and global level.

Asian Curatorial Forum 2019, November 8

3. Curating Localities | 9th Nov 2019: What roles can artist-run and smaller non-profit spaces play in building infrastructure and discourse in their local context? This session included curators from different regions exploring various methodologies by which they have dealt with this question.

Asian Curatorial Forum 2019, November 9 - SESSION 1

Asian Curatorial Forum 2019, November 9 - SESSION 2