Wit(h)ness Curated by Anushka Rajendran

Artists: Abdullah MI Syed, Kingsley Gunatillake, Liz Fernando, Mithu Sen, Tahireh Lal, Zoya Siddiqui

“Wit(h)ness is a curatorial experiment that extrapolates one strand from my earlier research on the aesthetic non/narratives that have been propelled in the wake of recent collective and personal trauma. In the immediacy of the event, the characteristic silence that surrounds it or on the other hand mass irrational uproar, I investigated how nonlinear narratives and personal signifiers from the artists’ memories and experience can lead to a space where one can relate with their neighbor without relying on divisive politics and alienation or forced testimonies in the face of legal forces. In the work of philosophers and cultural theorists such as Bracha Ettinger and Griselda Pollock especially, and also Wittigenstein and Veena Das, I encountered the idea of “aesthetic wit(h)nessing” as alternative narrative making. In this exhibition the artists have tried to stage such encounters through works of art that would hopefully enable aesthetic wit(h)nessing.”