PRAF Participatory is an initiative to commission art projects from invited international artists that are developed with the participation of local art students. As part of its intend to supplement conventional pedagogical methods in art schools, this initiative is intended to facilitate engagement with internationally renowned artists, by immersing young artists in the making of a collaborative work of art that expands their understanding of their own practice.

PRAF Participatory Programme is designed to encourage increased conversation between India and the global art scene. While residency programmes have become increasingly relevant to the arts in India with annual residency programmes that support Indian artists and curators in other countries to develop their practices there aren’t as many opportunities that focus on visits by prominent global figures to India with the sole purpose of continued dialogue with a broader segment of the local arts community.

PRAF intends to bridge that gap by facilitating engagement for emerging artists with global figures within India.

For the year 2018, PRAF is proud to invite the Chinese Canadian multimedia artist Paul Wong to exhibit some of his key works in Delhi and share his working process with the local audience through a conversation with the artist Amitesh Grover. Thereafter, Wong would continue his India tour by participating in Srishti Interim 2018, a program launched by our partner, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology (Bengaluru) that gives an opportunity to young art students to interact with and learn from established international artists whilst working on collaborative art projects with them.